Twin Peaks: The Return in the Mirror of Lynch’s Lithographs

Between 2006 and 2016, David Lynch, co-creator of the cult series Twin Peaks, produced about 200 lithographs. All his lithographic creations came to life in Paris at Item éditions (Idem Paris). Watching the third season of Twin Peaks (2017), the Lynch connoisseur is relatively quick to notice the influence of this lithography work. And it’s not too surprising that this decade of visual work prior to Twin Peaks: The Return eventually rubbed off on the series.

An example showing the visual influence of the lithographs on the third season of Twin Peaks

What Is a Lithograph?

A lithograph is a type of print created through the process of lithography, which involves drawing an image with a greasy substance onto a smooth surface like limestone or aluminum. The surface is chemically treated so that ink adheres only to the greasy image, while the rest repels the ink but attracts water. The image is then transferred to paper through the application of pressure, usually with a printing press.

What About David Lynch and Lithographs?

Filmmaker and artist David Lynch began working with lithography around 2006/2007. He has been collaborating with the Paris-based fine art print studio Idem Paris to produce his lithographs. Lynch’s works in this medium are extensions of his broader artistic vision, sharing thematic or aesthetic similarities with his films and other visual art. His lithographs often explore surreal, dreamlike, or otherwise unsettling subjects, much like his movies and paintings. Core themes and motifs are: Factories, women, electricity, curtains, stage scenes, deformations, heads, bodies, etc.

Lynch even made a documentary about the atelier in Paris:

Twin Peaks: The Return & Lithographs: An Observation

It’s really exciting to see the extent to which the various lithographs influenced the visual aspect of Twin Peaks: The Return. The longer you think about it, and the longer you compare the works to the images in the series, the clearer the connection becomes. In the end, an almost universal connection between Lynch’s various art forms crystallizes. Lynch is an artist who virtuously combines his various works and art forms.

Here is a visual illustration in 3 parts:

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